It’s an Exies Day!

Well, it was a Sponge day earlier, but a particular Exies song (which happens to also be my husband’s ringtone – yay!) seems to suit my mood better. It amazes me how quickly time can fly by doing the same thing day in day out, and it leaves me wondering what I could do differently. Taking on new hobbies would just be adding new things to the rut, and outside of randomly jumping up and yelling silly things, I don’t consider myself a particularly spontaneous person. Even in my school days, spontaneity came at the behest of my friends during our routine hanging out/sleepover times; I was never the one proposing midnight drives to dance with gnomes.

I would have to say that, in some ways, I desperately cling on to routine for the sake of sanity. Knowing that the day is going to go a certain way allows me to autopilot and let my mind wander… or zone out. It’s usually zoning out, to be fair; I probably tune out a lot more than is healthy. Add in the fact that I’m incredibly easy to stress out, it’s vital that I keep my routine low-key because I never know when I’m going to have a complete meltdown, it makes it hard to find the drive to go do Thingsā„¢ for the sake of it. And yet, I do, insomuch that I like to keep myself busy to feel like I’m not totally wasting my time staring into space; it’s as if doing random crap means that I’m not off in my own world… even if I totally am.

There’s something that could also probably be said about still waters running deep and all kinds of crazy undercurrent stuff, since I’m supposedly like… a monolith or something. *laughs* I’ve also got that old saw about each year passing being a smaller fragment of your life, and therefore, that’s why it seems like the days run by faster… but as I sit here clock-watching, I wonder how these last few minutes of the work day can tick by so slowly when I flew through the rest of the day…

Otherwise, just sort of bemusedly watching the world as it goes through the current batch of growing pains. The protests continue to expand across Africa and the Middle East, the world wonders if the US is in decline, or if it’s going to continue to optimism itself into greatness, and we continue to grind ourselves to dust for no good reason. Too bad we have the wrong idea of what is going to make us happy to boot, eh? ;) Number four on that Cracked list is especially apt to me, and reminds me with some amusement of a comment one of my good friends made in the past week about advertisers trying to convince you that you need their product to be happy. But myself, I’m in the school of thought that happiness as we’re sold doesn’t exist; I always will aim for contentedness and the comfort of the middle ground. Mmm Rutville, you are the true way. <3

Anyhoos, I pack up and flee for the day. I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday, and all of that razzamajazz.

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