‘Tis the Season…

With the weather changing, the Occupy movement is in increasing need of weather-appropriate gear. The ‘main’ protest in New York is a prime example of this: Urgent: Winter Donation Needs http://occupywallst.org/article/urgent-winter-donation-needs/ If you’d prefer to help your local people instead, … Continue reading

Supposition, Fact?

As many cities continue to try to close down their local branches of the Occupy movement (Wall Street’s generators have been confiscated with a massive snow storm on the way, for example), one has to wonder why freedom of speech … Continue reading


I have tooo many links; I consider this a good thing. It means that the Occupy movement is continuing to thrive and generate discussion, though I wish we didn’t have horrific incidences like this to drive the conversation: Oakland Police … Continue reading

Class Warfare

Anyone that knows me knows I fully reject the concept of social class. I maintain it only matters to those at the top to put others in their place, or those who wish they were on the top. Your average … Continue reading

Some Bits to Consider

Today, I bring forth some wilder ideas about the right that, if you think about it, don’t seem quite so wild. I admit that there is probably some bias, but it’s still food for thought. With that in mind: Republicans … Continue reading

London Calling

I have to say that, surprises of surprises, I’ve been happy with what I’ve heard out of the London protest camps. Yes, it’s multiple camps now: Second Occupy London camp forms at Finsbury Square http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/oct/22/second-occupy-london-finsbury-square I knew this was going … Continue reading

[[Insert Clever Title Here]]

Hello, world! I’m not quite all together here today; I re-started a medicine last night and now I’m a bit loopy. I do have a quick piece to share, though: Sleight of hand: BofA moves dodgy Merrill derivatives to bank … Continue reading