A Sort of Crochet Pattern

Hello from the Land of Exhaustion. I feel really drained and beat up today. Like, the back of my legs? Are stiff in the weirdest spot; I’ve been using a heating pad to try and work the kink out where no kink should be. Thankfully (sort of), it is cool enough that using a heating pad isn’t causing me to swelter to death.

Think what you will of crochet, but everyone love bobbles!

Think what you will of crochet, but everyone love bobbles!

While my mind and body continue to be pretty pummeled and unwilling to deal with anything outside of my bubble, I am, at least, trying to innovate slightly. Of my best friends, there’s one who isn’t yarn-crafty, and she wanted me to make her something. I don’t know exactly what she wants yet, but it’s served to encourage me to pitter around experimenting and whatnot.

I’m pretty sure that this piece at eight inches wide is too big for her intended want, but that’s okay. Perhaps I can scale it down if I like it for a purse/phone case more to her specs, though I’ve not thought that far yet. I’m just happily working the pattern onward, and will turn it into a little purse for my kiddo. She doesn’t own any yet and has no real desire to (I carry a small messenger-bag style construct myself), but it’s yanno… me making her a toy or something. And it should be good practice for me in trying to come up with a pattern, implementing it, and plotting many a button. I’ll have to take pictures when it’s all said and done. Now, there’s just the drama of trying to find a place online in the UK that sells small pieces of fabric for not that much…

I also need to find where I’d scribbled out a cross-stitch pattern a few years back. I’d made a pretty little thing for a friend’s child, and I wanted to do the same sort of thing for her second child’s first birthday. I’ve not had any desire whatsoever to do cross-stitch, but I’ve had in mind to do this child’s name since I first heard of her conception. I might have procrastinated a bit, considering I’ve had all that time and that child turns one this month. Oh well. We’ll see if I manage it. That will also be a from-scratch patterning, especially the small image I wish to use.

What crafts/hobbies/etc are you guys up to this weekend?



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  1. Hi, I don’t have anything really specific to say here, just wanted you to know it’s been read & understood. I liked reading it.

    t’s so easy to think “If I can beat it so can you. Flip that and you have “If you can do it why can’t I?” So it’s good you brought this up, honestly, as a lot of people ignore that or don’t want to admit to themnselves that they’re doing it

    Sorry is this a virtual scribble?
    Also, where’s the button I should click to follow your blog?


    • I think the best thing we can do to ourselves is try to be honest about our faults and rough spots. It’s the only way one can truly beat them!

      As for following, there’s a shiny orange RSS button up at the top there. There’s also the email option. There -should- be the WordPress follow button on the top bar as well, but I’ve heard that’s been problematic and I don’t know what to do about it. If you specifically want to follow it in WordPress reader though, you can go here:


      And put the link in. :)

    • Okay, there should also be a follow button hiding somewhere on the page! It’s not an automatic inclusion for self-hosted WordPress blogs, it would seem, and Jetpack doesn’t’ happen to include that functionality… yet. Anyways! :D

    • Hobbies are excellent. I wish I could get the spoons together to work on writing more. Blogging is wonderful and all that, but I’d like to finish my NaNoWriMo piece soon!

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