In the Round (Oval? Rectangle?)

Good morning/afternoon/evening, as this finds you!

I’m writing to you today from the office, where sunshine is beaming through the window, and I actually have happily consumed a meal. There’s already work partially done, and more arranged to keep me busy for the remainder of the day (all um… two hours, hee hee. It took us a bit to get free from my in-law’s house!).

In short, I’m feeling nearly human again. I’ve bounced back well from yesterday’s early shock, and am almost to a point where I can handle a small task that I’ve been putting off for weeks (I need to write a rejection letter to someone. I always fret about such because I want to make very sure that I am polite and not over the top). I don’t know if my braining is really to ‘normal’ par, but it’s good enough to be celebrated. I’m still appropriately wary though — much like the stereotype about the frequency of sunny days here in England, I know my good days number significantly less than my bad (or at best, neutral).

Suffices to say, I will continue to do my best to not push myself too hard. I want to be able to enjoy feeling ‘good’, and continuing to break myself of doing for the sake of doing is a good step towards learning how to relax legitimately. I might still try to encourage myself to work on that poor NaNo story though — I got an email reminding me the reward of free copies of the story expires soon.

For now though, back to enjoying the relative serenity of our lovely basement space, and getting some work done. I hope everyone is doing well out there.



In the Round (Oval? Rectangle?) — 6 Comments

    • As much as I can without being in it that much, at least. *chuckles* I dazzle much too easily, in that I’m blinded by sunlight and blind people by reflecting it like a mirror. :D

    • Being in a mainly gloomy country suits me, though being a native-born Texan means that I drink up the sun like a flower. And I do — if I’m outside, I bend towards the light! :D

  1. I saw the post after this, too, but hope that the feelings you describe in this post can resurface and you can enjoy things.Don’t push too hard, don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re not doing as well as you’d like.

    What’s NaNo?

  2. NaNo is short for NaNoWriMo, which is in turn short for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place in November every year, and the goal is to write a novel of 50,000 words or more in that time frame. I won, insomuch that I wrote more than 50k words, but I’ve not buckled down and finished the last chapter or two. I’m not surprised by this either — I think I was hypomanic in November, and that always works much too well for getting things done.

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