One Story, Free to Good Home

It occurred to me yesterday that there might be people who want to read my story, but wish that they could do it on their tablet or e-reader. So I got my husband to convert it to a .pdf; you can download it here:

An End to All Things:

He’s also been trying to figure out how to make it into a functioning .epub, but the formatting keeps going a bit janky. We figure most people can do .pdfs on their various technology, so… it covers the basic gamut. *smiles* I’ve not even had the brain space to consider doing the editing on it yet, so there’s every chance there’s errors that will maybe eventually get ironed out. We’ll see. I’m not intending to make any money off of this piece, considering I’m borrowing someone else’s creative setting (The Wheel of Time universe). Plus, the thought of having to deal with the taxman on both sides of the pond over trying to sell my own works makes me break out in hives, so… better to share it freely, I figure!

Beyond that, I’m enjoying working on my knitting, and poking along a game of The Sims (I’m not an addict, maybe, that’s a lie). If I didn’t know better, I would say I was almost managing relaxation. I’m still not quite up to dealing with people, and I still feel that I don’t overly care. The thought of having messengers open and making myself available as such just doesn’t even appeal. I don’t even feel bad about it. I’m not apathetic — I wouldn’t mind chatting with folks, but I’m okay with not doing it and letting my brain and body continue a slow recuperation.

Am I approaching a point of actual stability? Maybe. I’m not taking anything for granted, especially since I am yet to a point I desire to be — a point where I can handle going out once in awhile without it being a big deal. I want to be at a point where I can talk to more people than my best friends on the daily. I’m not wanting to rock and roll all night, or party every day — I just want to be able to have the occasional conversation with friends and not be wiped out at even the thought, or be able to do something social on the fly rather than needing to plan it and book it way out in advance to give my brain time to cope with having to leave the home space (or have people in the home space, though that’s a significantly smaller bother of the two). They’re pretty modest goals, if I do say so myself.


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