Ticking Along (Satisfactorily)

Irony of ironies yesterday — it took me a long-ass time to get my poor blog to post. I’m not sure what the deal was, but it was timing out any time I tried to do anything behind the hood. Hopefully that’s past, and I can continue on without having to pull my hair apart wondering what could be wrong.

Things continue to be good and decent-feeling. I’m holding it together enough that there’s a generous mood buffer, I’m getting things done, and I’m feeling… satisfied. Such a strange word that is, and one that I don’t get to use that often. It only strikes me as odd at how infrequently I’m able to say it when I *am* able to say it! It is a great word, one that conveys the warm fuzziness that contentment (rather than happy//up) can bring.

I was chuckling yesterday at what I consider one of the ultimate signs of me feeling even — I’ve got The Sims 3 up and running on my desktop. I love running non-stop Legacy games, so having that game up is probably the biggest sign of cheerful status quo in my book. It means my brain has quit having little stroppy fits of ennui, which is always a relief (since me hitting states of ennui are precariously dangerous, as explained in the past). I’m knitting every night, I’m actually thinking about leaving the house this weekend… it’s pretty good. For now. I know not to count on it staying this decent, but yanno — I’ll always enjoy it while I can and will do my best to -not- shoot myself in the foot.

I hope everyone is having a snazzy day, with good fun planned for the weekend (even if it’s just chilling at home, ’cause that is totally awesome in my book).



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  1. Hey girl, glad you got the blog to post. I always have trouble uploading pictures for some reason. I am actually going on a road trip with a friend to Tennessee–tomorrow through Tuesday. On the way back we are stopping to tour one of my favorite places–Elvis’s home, Graceland!! I am an Elvis FANATIC!! I have been twice before and am already uncontrollably excited! Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

    • At one point in my childhood, we lived in Tupelo/Saltillo, MS. And because that’s where Elvis was born, I was so terribly confused because I knew Graceland wasn’t anywhere nearby! I understand now, but at six? Not so much.

      Have a great trip!

  2. Yes content is better than happy many times. I am feeling it right now. Went to get a pedicure today. Pretty toes small pleasure. Hope you have a beautiful day.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I had a pedicure… that might be a treat I join you in. :D And a beautiful day to you too.

  4. The Sims helped me through many a day when my mind could focus on nothing else. It was almost a form of meditation. Sadly, now that I’m back in school and re-joining the blogosphere there’s no way I could play them now. I would procrastinate myself right in to a 1.5 grade point average.

    • There’s something cathartic about giving the little pixel people nice lives. They spend a lot of time paused while I do other things, then come back and set them to a few tasks. I shudder to think how much more attention I could pay to it if say, I took up story-telling.

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