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Happy Father’s Day to those of you out there so inclined to celebrate!

IMG_2075There’s not much going on out this way. My husband received his card from Lilbit, we went to his parent’s house for a visit, and now we’re back home. I wish I could say that Father’s Day meant that my husband got a break, but alas for him, it’s just another day. Someday Lilbit will be older and less dependent. Someday, I’ll be a bit saner and in possession of more spoons. For now, he’ll just have to enjoy those moments where I can swing into action. I hope they’ll increase, ’cause the poor dear totally busts his ass ten ways to Sunday every single day.

Past that, I finished the first part of my first knit piece last night — you can see it to the left. It’s the back of a small person jumper/sweater, and part of the sleeves. It’s not perfect; there are any number of ‘Where did that come from?!’ holes in the weave. Still, I’m proud of myself — I’ve finally cracked knitting enough to actually try to make things. It’s a pretty good feeling. The remaining question is whether or not it’s going to be good enough to gift to a friend. I’ve got one in mind who I would love to surprise, but I don’t want to send her shoddy work either. I’ll have to mull on it and perhaps confab with a mutual friend or two before I make my mind up.

So yeah, back to knitting, and shedding copious amounts of snot from my face. I have no words for how grateful I am that I’ve not managed to snot up the yarn directly. I’ll definitely need to wash it when it’s done though, ’cause my head is chiding me for doing anything crafty while I’m shooting germs all over the place. Ah well.



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  1. Your husband sounds like a great Dad. Hope you are having a good day. Never had one, no pressure holiday since my Grandfather died.

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