(also bone-weary)
Definition of bone-tired


extremely tired.

I prefer tired over weary in the phrase, though I couldn’t tell you why. Perhaps because it is a more expressive word of my plight? I feel okay otherwise — even my wrists and other joints are on the mend. But I’m low/no energy, and that’s a bit annoying. Is it due to my meds, perhaps? I’m not drowsy or groggy in the slightest, ‘merely’ completely physically exhausted. As all-encompassing as it is, there’s still enough good counter-balancing it that I’ve been able to manage small chores without too much detriment.

On a tangent, a friend posted a link to this scan image on the Mayo Clinic website:

I found it to be a comfort of sorts to see this, ’cause yes — the brain isn’t braining well when I’m depressed. I’m not making anything up, I am not being a drama queen. My brain actually isn’t working, and look, there’s a scientific-medical authority saying so. Really, just seeing that helps clear away some of the lies depression tries to tell me. I’m not sure I can describe it any better than that. Perhaps it will provide some sort of relief to others to see it? I guess I’ll find out when people look at it.

For now, back to trying to caffeine up. :)



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