Blessed, Self-Perpetuating Neutrality

This about sums it up.

I continue to feel fairly neutral, and really? I cannot complain. Much like the Neutral President here, my gut says ‘maybe’. It’s a good thing, honest.

You see, my body continues to be physically exhausted. I am currently feeling by default nearly spoonless, which isn’t ideal. But it is because it means that while my brain is floating around feeling (what I’d deem as) okay, it means that it stops me from overdoing things. If I’m low/no-energy, then I’m not about to try to go biking around town. I’m not about to propose big out of the house events — I’m just making the best out of being a pile gelatinous goo here in my computer chair.

Having said that, it is totally making the best out of the not greatest. I’d like to go do things. I’d like for thinking about doing things to not be completely wearying. But I figure it’s better to be contented with my lot, yanno? That isn’t to say that I will be happy if this continues on, but that for the moment, I feel it’s better than not. I’m not trying too hard to be social, for example — I’m hanging back and enjoying solitude. I’m still doing pretty good though, insomuch that I’m actually *gasp* sort of active on Facebook, the opiate of the masses. That’s a pretty new development, definitely since I started the anti-depressant.

But in general — I have no strong feelings one way or another, and I’m okay with that. It all seems to be taking care of itself.


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