Prudent Paranoia

Allo allo and all of that – I’m back, baby!

Look maw, I'm outside! And still so pale that I continue to reflect sunlight, hee hee.

Look maw, I’m outside! And still so pale that I continue to reflect sunlight, hee hee.

And where did I go? Well, my husband and I were on a spot of vacation, blessed child-free vacation (there’s a clue to where in the picture, hee hee). We had to sacrifice our little break last year because we went to the States to visit my family (which costs eleven million dollars), so it was divine to get out of town. But of course, since I wasn’t home, I felt it was prudent to not plaster all over the Internet that I wasn’t going to be at home. Even if we don’t have the top of the line of anything, it’s always (a mon avis) wisest to not announce that our things are not being watched (though my in-laws did pop over daily to feed the cats, which also helps keep the place looking populated).

It was nice to get out of town, even if we ended up somewhere slightly warmer and stickier than here at home (d’oh!). And I had more ‘insomnia’, which was frustrating and not at all nice atop a vicious cold (’cause irony dictates one must be sick for a trip, naturally). Our style of vacation is a very laid back one though, so I didn’t overdo it — we’ll pick say, one thing a day to do, and do that. So some might feel it’s bad economy to go somewhere and only do two things, we figure that as it’s our one vacation a year, why make it suck by trying to cram lots into it? That’s where one ends up needing a vacation from their vacation! Not that doing all the things is wrong either — different strokes for different folks and all that happy jazz.

Anyhoos, I am going to go try to get more caffeine in me, and then maybe try to catch up on what blogging I missed while I was out of town. I hope everyone has been doing well.



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    • Emphatically agreed. Having said that, I’m not looking forward to family vacations when those come up. I’m the eldest of four, and I always had nausea (not vomiting) when we went on road trips, and ugh… not a pleasant thing. I suspect it will be less hellish with three versus six, but still. Not my idea of a grand time.

    • :D

      We always try to take a bit of time for ourselves around our anniversary (which is next week), ’cause that makes sense. Then we get some time around Christmas, but yeah… we’re not that great at taking vacation either. But that’s more because we’re sort of self-employed, sort of not, and that means all the work is on us!

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