Keep On Keeping On

Allo allo, and all of that.

There’s not a lot going on out this way. My mood is pretty stable, my sleep has returned to semi-restfulness, and that rash is nearly faded away (as I knew it would). I’m enjoying the pleasant ambient weather/atmosphere, and just kicking back enjoying my hobbies. The husband fellow and the little one both appear to be engaging in some semblance of relaxation as well, so i think I can call it a good all around day here at our lovely domicile. I might even *gasp* engage in some sewing!

But of course, the down side of that is I can’t think of much to say here. I’m not about to go on feeling guilty for feeling good — that’s like handing depression the keys to my brain, yanno? It’s part of the same reason I make myself keep writing even when everything is okay — if I don’t keep track of it, then this little black box of mine will not be able to let me know concisely where my brain started falling apart again. If it does. Which I’m not going to dwell on, ’cause Catch-22. Stupid, never-ending Catch-22, ha ha.

Anyhoos, I hope things are going well enough for all of you out there.



Keep On Keeping On — 2 Comments

  1. Glad to hear things are going better. Personally, I enjoy reading more about blessings in the midst of our struggles than the struggles themselves. At the same time, if you need to take a break and do something fun with your family, by all means, go for it. :)

    • I certainly don’t feel guilty for feeling good, hee hee. I just wish that other folks amongst the Bipolaratti were having it just as ‘easy’. :)

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