The Wrong Side of Bed

Today is one of those days where I feel like I got up on the wrong side of the bed. The entirety of my interaction with humankind online has done nothing but nigh-on infuriate me, and over pretty much nothing. I’m taking it as a hint to try and keep my head down and not talk to anyone; let’s see how well I do.

I’m also cranky ’cause I’m having stupid toe cramps. I’ve applied magnesium oil to my feet, I’ve had a little can of tonic water (the quinine is useful for cramp, though sources seem to suggest to not do it often or unless it’s severe), and I’m going to see if heat helps any. I’ve also got Icy Hot that I can apply and that *usually* is useful, but since it’s the tubs rather than the tubes, it requires an annoying amount of digging out. It’s not that the cramps hurt, per se, but they’re a relatively constant irritant, which then causes my anxiety to spike.

And then there’s the joy of breaking in a new computer. As happy as I am with my shiny new baby, it takes my wretches eyes and migraine-y head some time to adjust to the change. It’s a little thing, but when all the little things are stacking up against each other, they’re all sort of a big thing together.

Really though, it’s all just so hard because the ire doesn’t want to lie down in a timely fashion. Even if it has been a bit since I stopped taking the Zoloft, it still feels like there are some side effects. Perhaps it *IS* just what my non-Zoloft baseline was; I certainly have a hard time remembering after having a good half a year of taking it. I guess I wish my brain would ‘toughen up’ a bit so that I didn’t feel quite so floundery. I mean, I’m still doing passably well, but atop all the pregnancy crap, the little bits of braining bad do stick out.

Anyways, I should probably try to find a nibble of coffee or chocolate or something and avoid people. *nodnods* Hope everyone is doing well.


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