The Longest Week

This week is going by very very slowly. I guess I might have to accept that I’m going to have to sever a relationship I value. So be it, but fingers crossed that it doesn’t encroach on my birthday (Saturday). At least we’re back to work this week, so that’s helping me keep busy and avoid moping, as does the company in general. I think that’s been the most pleasant surprise of the week — usually, when I’m hurting, I want to be left very much alone. That I can do both at the same time (albeit without necessarily socializing with people, just being near them), well. It’s probably a good thing, I reckon.

Tomorrow is my last day on Seroquel for the foreseeable future. I feel that the draw-down has been going very well all in all, and my biggest concern at this point is my sleep. Those of you who have also taken Seroquel know that it’s a fantastic sleep aid, and I know that when I forget a dose, I’m up clear to morning (or near enough). I’ve also started having a glass of warm-ish milk at night, so I’m hoping the soporific affects of that will be of assistance in lieu of the meds. It will probably be a bit rough the first few nights, but I can also hope that having had a regular sleep schedule for months (I had to shift it when Lilbit went back to school in September, ’cause we were getting up an hour earlier — very rough!) will assist… I guess we’ll see, and I’ll report back on that as it goes.

I can’t think of anything else to add, so I won’t. Hope everyone is doing well.



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  1. It is officially you b-day where you are so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Since I cant get on FB at work I thought I would say it here :) *huggles

    • Thankees, lovely! <3 And up until an hour ago, I’d forgotten to turn posting on my wall on. I can’t even remember why I turned it off!

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