Spoonless Imperfection

When I was in school, I was one of those super-bright, top of the standardized tests awesome kids. I was straight As all the way through elementary school, a couple of Bs in junior high, and a slinking by C … Continue reading

It’s a Trap!

Can that phrase be used enough? Nope! I was relieved today to receive my appointment card for my next meeting with my mental health doctor-ma-bob, and more so relieved because it’s before I’m going out of the country to visit … Continue reading

Not Rain, But Another Kind of Storm

Or, at least, very little and absolutely no thunderstorms here. I’d be grumpier, but it’s almost chilly today by comparison (and I get to go blow a load on yarn and other craft materials, so that always is happy-making!). I’m … Continue reading

Passivity, Sanity

I have always done my best to hide just how fragile I am. ‘They call me Mr. Glass’ – besides the fact that most of M. Night’s movies are crappy shambles, that line from Unbreakable always summed it up for … Continue reading

That Pleasant Grind

Outside of some skirmishes with racing thoughts, things continue to be pleasantly neutral. I’m not doing much, mind – I’m planning a party for a month hence, and doing my Monday checklist. I’m revelling in enjoyment of things, and the … Continue reading

The (Potential) Reprecussions of Honesty

While I subscribe to a philosophy of trying to honestly share what’s going on in my head, and my life and times, I have to wonder if I’ve started crossing a line that should not be crossed. For instance, will … Continue reading