Healthier Relationships, A Healthier You

Once upon a time, I was active within an online community. I very happily took on staff jobs not for power or prestige, but because I loved the community and wanted to make it a better place. There were many … Continue reading

That Went Well

If you’re reading this, then I am pleased to announce that the transfer to a clean install went well. If the little nasties were something hiding on my domain, they lost all their hiding places last night. I removed everything, … Continue reading

Not So Sweet Tweet (Plus More ACTA)

In the news, Twitter is starting to look like they might not support free speech as much these days: Tweets still must flow I don’t know about you, but it seems kind of squirmy and weaselly. Yes sure, it’s … Continue reading

Two Things From Yesterday

Firstly, welcome back! The blackout/redirect plug-in worked like it should! And now that the event is done, it’s removed from my plug-ins, ’cause that’s good tidying. I will say that, all in all, yesterday was fabulous. I saw so many … Continue reading

Today’s the Day!

Besides today being the Internet blackout against SOPA/PIPA (which means you’ll not be seeing this post until tomorrow/much later today), today is also the day that Occupy London find out the fate of their St. Paul encampment. I’ll make sure … Continue reading