That Pleasant Grind

Outside of some skirmishes with racing thoughts, things continue to be pleasantly neutral. I’m not doing much, mind – I’m planning a party for a month hence, and doing my Monday checklist. I’m revelling in enjoyment of things, and the … Continue reading

Occupy: Spring Has Sprung

It happened a few days early, but we can forgive Occupy Wall Street for starting their next wave of occupation to match up with their half-year anniversary rather than the actual start of spring. And, as expected, the police are … Continue reading

Not So Sweet Tweet (Plus More ACTA)

In the news, Twitter is starting to look like they might not support free speech as much these days: Tweets still must flow I don’t know about you, but it seems kind of squirmy and weaselly. Yes sure, it’s … Continue reading

Two Things From Yesterday

Firstly, welcome back! The blackout/redirect plug-in worked like it should! And now that the event is done, it’s removed from my plug-ins, ’cause that’s good tidying. I will say that, all in all, yesterday was fabulous. I saw so many … Continue reading

Don’t Forget Tomorrow!

While SOPA might have been ‘killed’ (shelved), its Senate-based sibling, PIPA, is still alive and well and due to be voted on in a week’s time (24th of January, 2012). With that in mind, know that tomorrow is significant: Wikipedia … Continue reading

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

While 2011 has been a hard year the world around, it’s not all been terrible. Here’s a few things to consider as we begin this brave new journey through 2012: 10 Good Things About a Not So Bad Year … Continue reading

More on SOPA

Why, you might ask? Because it is a big freaking deal and I am adamant on making sure people think about it. With that in mind, have a cautionary tale: What happened in Denmark This is merely a comment … Continue reading