The Warning Signs

This week has been a bit rough, I have to admit. While I am still feeling mainly optimistic and cheerful, I’ve hit a few walls this week where I had to break down and cry from stress and frustration. I … Continue reading

Ask Me No More Questions (Tell Me No More Lies)

Allo from the land of… something… something. Dudes and Dudelettes, my brain has been converted to pure fluff, ha ha. But we continue to do fairly well on the whole. Having a baby in the house is tiring and stressful … Continue reading

The First Week (Like Night and Day)

We did it, folks! We survived the first week of newborn yet again. Send more caffeine, quick, ha ha. Really though, it’s been a good week all in all. Nights are hard of course, but my husband has been handling … Continue reading

My Illness is Not a Plot Point

I have noticed an increase in shows using bipolar characters in storylines. Great, right? Anything to show the truth of the disorder, right? It all raises awareness…. right?! Yeah, except they all seem to be dramas. Mind, I don’t like … Continue reading

Quando Quando Quando (Longest/Shortest Month Ever)

Eaurgh, has it really only been a month since Lilbit has gone back to school?! She’s having a great time, and has done a fantastic job ingratiating herself with the head teacher at the lower school. As we don’t currently … Continue reading

In Which Our Intrepid Hero Knits Like a Fiend

I’m here, honest! *grins* I decided I was going to knit as long as I could bear to, and then report in. Which worked out well — I finished the front half of the shell cardigan pattern I was following! … Continue reading

I *AM* Trying: The Story of Counseling Not Working (Ever)

One of the biggest things recommended for coping with a mental illness is going to see a therapist. Talking therapies are considered a gold standard, and many people consider those who aren’t going to therapy to not be trying. Hi, … Continue reading


I’ve been having forum thoughts lately. Whether it be that I find one highly recommended by the Bipolaratti, or set up one myself for the network are both options on the table. I always feel most at home online when … Continue reading