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  1. I’ve had this blog post open in one of my tabs since I first read it a couple days ago. I kept meaning to respond and kept getting distracted.

    I feel the same way towards work. While I do wish we made a bit more so we weren’t living paycheck to paycheck, I see no need for us to make a lot more. I grew up getting second hand clothes or ones from discount stores and with only the most basic goods and I’m none the worse for the wear. I already hate that Brad is gone at work so much and missing time he could be spending with his family and watching his son hit all the milestones they hit in the first few months to a year. There is no way I would allow him to work even more just so we could have a bunch more money. I’ve met a few women who are appalled that I didn’t go back to work when David was born. I don’t see the need. As long as Brad and I are able to make it work financially with one income, I think it would be absurd for us to both be missing out on David’s life. I am a firm believer that in a two parent household, one should be home raising the child (unless you can luck out like you and Neil where you can both work AND be able to spend lots of quality time with Leah). I see very few acceptable reasons, in a two parent household, where a child should spend all their days with a nanny or in a day care. In a majority of cases, I think the parents could make it work financially they just don’t want to. Perhaps that’s harsh of me but I’ve always felt rather strongly about this.

    To people without children, what’s the point of working 80hrs a week, making a very nice salary, but never having any time off to spend that money? That sounds like a version of hell to me. Then again, I never was very fond of working (I blame it on corporate politics, I hope to find a job I enjoy down the road when the kid(s) are in school).

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