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  1. I think I’m of the mentally sound sort, yet I dally with such stuff also. I daily consider the little happinesses, mine today could be catalogued as:
    – seeing the Red Kites wheel overhead and the snowdrops shining amid the murk during the drive to work.
    – realising that I’m damn good at my paid employment, having virtually singlehandedly saved a seriously large contract from overrunning its deadlines
    – enjoying two slices of toast from homemade bread
    – being able to give my bicycle that has been criminally underused for five years to a student who will love it
    – being content in my own company (himself is in Madrid)
    – the snuggles of my feline cohabitees
    – a book that I’m reading (historical fiction about Julius Caesar, written by Conn Iggulden
    – knowing that my loved ones are safe and well (email from globetrotting parents and the very welcome news that my only sibling will be visiting me on my birthday on Sunday)

    I think that acknowledging the things that are making you happy tend to provide a contentment that rushing through life will never satisfy 🙂

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