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Methinks the Facts Don’t Add Up — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah… I agree with you on the school thing. Brad doesn’t. It’s a discussion we’ve already had a couple times even though it’s a far off issue for us. My parents refused to help with college costs because they simply couldn’t. Brad’s parents did help him. We both want to follow our parent’s example there. There’s no way we are spending $9k in USD let alone what the converted rate would be. Formula is about $20/wk which equals $1040. Diapers are about $40/month, so $480. Even if we round that up, that’s only $2k for both and that’s our largest expense. We spent maybe $500 on other baby stuff that was needed. Even if we round up and add in other luxury spending, we are still only looking at around $4k at the most? Yeah….

  2. I thought more on the leisure activity thing… that particular cost makes sense if you’re child is like… going to the movie twice a month, or doing a weekly class, or something along those lines. I’ve not done the rest of the maths yet, but we definitely fully disagree with the vacation one!

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