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  1. Not sure about the chameleon to be an introvert – I do the same thing in terms of being a chameleon, but it’s more to invite social interaction than to disguise it. Because it’s more comfortable for others to strike up conversation or be amenable to a stranger talking to them if they feel that there are some points in common – I don’t feel that I’m any the less for it, in fact I regard it as almost good manners (almost like respecting local custom and culture) . I would not expect to behave the same way in a biker bar as in a decent restaurant, or vice versa, despite the fact that I enjoy both venues as part of who I am. I think it does have a certain amount of belief in one’s self to be true regardless of exterior trappings, there’s no need to fit a particular type in order to define a personality – the labels being discussed previously are not about exterior perceptions, but personality (of which there are many different facets).

    • I like how you can take my points and put the positive spin on them. *chuckles* I’ll agree with that too – I’m not so wedding to any image to not take into consideration the societal norms. And, per upbringing, I was strongly encouraged to keep that in mind, ’cause manners never go out of style!

      • PS I’ve no idea about people being complete dickwads when they revel in anonymity, since I don’t have that mindset either, but will point out that it’s behaviour much older than the internet. Mobs (where individuals don’t stand out from the crowd) have frequently had that type of gruesome; road rage is another form; vandalism has thrived for millenia…

        • Definitely valid, that. Though I suspect that the internet celeb factor probably feeds the current trends of trollosity to some degree – you’re anonymous, but you have an audience sort of thing. It’ll be interesting to look back on these times 20, 30 years down the road!

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