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  1. My girlies only had kid interactions with other family members until Kathleen was 4 and went to preschool. But they did have each other relatively close together (15 months apart and all). Don’t stress too much about it hun, she’ll do fine. And yay for play dates. I hope you both enjoy them.

    • Thanks! And in E’s case, we have something besides parenting in common – DJing. Him and the husband used to alternate weekends before the bar got shut down, so. 🙂

  2. I’ll ship David over there, he can socialize with her. It’ll be good for both of them. A 6 month old can fly alone right? 😉 I’ve been struggling with a lot of the same things. I don’t want my kid to become a selfish brat who can’t share (like my niece) but I also have issues actually leaving the house. My issues are a little different than yours but similar enough to be able to relate. We have been trying to set up a playdate with friends of ours that had a baby two months before us since before David was even born. It just happened this past weekend. Hopefully the next one doesn’t take another 6 months. I did join a meetup group through meetup.com that’s a parenting/mother’s group. I was hesitant at first but, in the end, I have been loving it. I made sure to find a group that had similar parenting ideas as me and went with it. If nothing else, I use the forum a lot for answers to my silly 3am questions.

    • You know, I actually looked to see what local groups were available on Meetup… and found some nutters:



      At least we’re going to the Big Lunch this Sunday, so there’s the off chance we might get some hinthint of people to socialize with that are like-minded. Because yes, I admit my problems are a large dose social anxiety (that I hide oh so well outside of the massive fever blisters!), and the fact that I don’t want girl friends. I don’t like shopping, I don’t like make-up, and don’t even get my started on heels. *laughs* Nor do I want to commiserate with strangers – it’s that group therapy thing again. So y’know… baby steps, baby steps. 🙂

      • Regarding that meetup group….erm….yeah….

        It’s all about the baby steps. Go with what makes you comfortable and you’ll figure it out. If nothing else, if there’s a park near-ish to you, you and/or Neil could always take the baby up there and hang out on the benches by yourself while she goes and plays with other kiddos.

        In completely unrelated news, I met a man over the weekend that is from your neck of the woods. I don’t remember the city he’s from at all but he said it was very close to your city. He moved here for his wife a couple years back. He told me, and I quote, “I bet you have never met anyone willing to move so far for someone they really only knew through the internet.” I chuckled to myself and told him he had no idea just how many people I know that fit the bill.

        • There’s actually a really nice park right across the road… as long as you don’t make the mistake of walking it when school is letting out. There are some damned ridiculous rude motherfuckers who expect you with the stroller to get out of their fat lazy ways. Erm… the hell? The path isn’t wide, so why am I the one wrestling off onto the grass? Once was enough to not make THAT mistake again.

          But yeah, no… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid her age playing in the park. I see them in strollers, but not on the equipment. But obviously, as she gets bigger, that’s going to be less of a problem. 🙂

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