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  1. Since I always have my cell phone in my pocket or sitting near me if at home, I will send myself text messages constantly. It’s usually something I want to remember to tell Brad when I talk to him next. Or I’ll just send Brad the text outright so he often gets texts like today’s that said “Frontalot. Bottles. SuperZoo.” So I could remember to tell him about those three different items. So yeah… you definitely aren’t the only one.

    Wait, I’m expected to actually complete my chores while tending to baby? Hahahaha. I don’t know how women do it. They tell me it will get easier when he gets older but I don’t understand how. Once he’s sleeping less and moving about the house more, I don’t understand how it will be easier for me to vacuum/do laundry/wash dishes. My goal in life is to be a proper stay-at-home mom and wife. So far I fail miserably. I’ve kept the kid alive thusfar but I can’t cook very well and I don’t ever seem to find time to clean properly.

    While rereading for glaring spelling/grammar issues I realize that my sentence structure definitely leaves something to be desired. I’ll blame it on the fact that it’s 2:30am here right now. 😉

    • Oh god, we barely try during the week. *laughs* Or to say, I zone out and Neil rocks the house, at least as far as dishes are concerned. But vacuuming? Dusting? Pfft, I don’t live in a museum; as long as the carpet is defurred/haired once a month or so, I can generally keep sane. Really, as long as there’s not a huge trial of Lego everywhere to trip over… ;D

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