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  1. Interesting – they’re planning to pay for training for midwives so that they can provide advice. That’s how I read it. I don’t get any of the we will push you to do anything – the real query seems to be about the ethics of drinks companies providing the money. Because you’ve previously acknowledged the lack of resources being provided to midwives, is it consistent to rail against an alternative funding mechanism on a specific issue that midwives will encounter?

    • My issue was not being told about a program that I was apparently supposed to sign my child up to, not a lack of advice. I would have been a lot less receptive to attending my appointments if I’d been prated at about things I already know about… which I think I’ve stated repeatedly. πŸ™‚ It’s for that same reason I deigned to not attend antenatal classes – I would not have gotten enough from them to not have been very annoyed for having spent my time in such a manner.

  2. What? what issue about program? The context of resources to train midwives came up when we discussed student loans and how your midwife said that she wouldn’t get through the requirements these days. I thought we were talking about the article linked at the top of the page and how that was a prelude to people prioritising your foetus over you and a whole load of pressure on a single person. I didin’t get that midwives were being urged to prate at anyone, that’s what I responded with. It could just be an information program, so that they can answer queries. Not everyone is as good as you and me about going off to do research and expect to be spoonfed with information from their antenatal care team.

    • Are you sure you’re not mixing me up with someone else? I can’t remember ever discussing student loans, especially since I hate the entire collegiate system and consider it a massive rip as-is. πŸ™‚

      As for the program, the little one was supposed to be registered with SureStart when she was born and nobody told us; this annoys me ’cause I’ve been trying to find a playgroup for her to attend for over a year and have absolutely no leads. As far as I can tell, most of the groups around here are tied to SureStart centres, and I have found little useful information online to date. Some sure, but for things that we cannot make, so hoping that getting her registered will give us some better leads. This past weekend was only the second time she’s been able to socialize with children her own size, and it upsets me to no end.

  3. Definitely not mixing you up with someone else, you were scoffing at the student protests in London, back in December last year – because you despise the collegiate system. I pointed out that my brother would never have qualified as a dentist under the new tuition fees, which is how we got to discussing resources for medical training.

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