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  1. I’ve just watched the programme and the owner of Dignitas makes the strongest point possible – that he provided the facility because one of the rights on the human rights declaration was the right to self-determination. That it is not up to society at large to decide on your life, it is your own (with the obvious fail-safes of cogent thought processes being in place). I was moved by the programme, although I was already in the pro-choice camp. Yes, pro-choice, deciding what I should do with my body and life force. The only thing that I felt was a little jarring in the film, was Terry’s lack of response to the rightly concerned hospice nurse who asked him whether he thought that hospices did not offer comfort and pain relief. Small thing really – hospices do a marvellous job and that option is also an extremely valid one for those with terminal conditions. Maybe I will write to my MP as another supporting the decriminalisation of assisted suicide in the UK.

    • We watched it last night… probably not the best idea right before bed, as I ended up having some rather strange dreams! But it was a good piece to watch, and didn’t sway my opinion away from it. If anything, it made me feel more strongly that it’s a wonderful option for those who choose to take it. And I admit I don’t know much about hospices, so have a neutral opinion of them. I am definitely for people having care to continue living life as they see fit though – as you said so succinctly, it’s about self-determination as to what is best for the individual. 🙂

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