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  1. You missed another very strong component of society – those parents who dote on their kids, but have fallen out with their partners. There’s more than one father who has been estranged from their children as a result of mothers pursuing a vendetta (I’m not talking about necessarily anyone we know, this is an observation from my previous employment). Courts are still biased in favour of children remaining with their mothers at all costs and all too often fathers are not granted an equal say in their offspring’s upbringing, merely seen as a provider of money. Sure, child support in terms of finance is necessary, but being cut out of any decision making with respect to education, every day nurturing or even health care provision is a real problem, for fathers who conscientiously provide the finance. Putting the child central is a problem that many feuding couples fail to address and our society is poorer for it.

  2. I did forget that – thank you! Since it’s not something directly in my line of experience (thank £$%£$), it’s an easy thing to forget… especially when it’s just nasty. Though having said that, I do keep a basic tenant from that sort of… thing… in mind – kid are smart, and they know what’s going on. Not in the ‘not in front of the kids!’ sense, but…

    But yesssh, you treat the father like nothing but a wallet, and…

    Hope Oz is fab!

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