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  1. *nods* Parents are far too judgmental of one another and usually about things that will be completely irrelevant in a couple years. Every kid will eventually eat only solid foods not any sort of milk or formula. Every kid will eventually crawl, walk and talk, learn to say their alphabet and count to 10. Some may do it all at 6 months (ok not all of the aforementioned unless it’s Bizarro Genius Baby) some may take until 6 years but they all get it eventually. Well, you know I’ve written essays on my issues with other parents many a time, so I’ll cut this short. Suffice to say, yeah, can’t we all just get along? As long as a child is being well cared for, it’s none of my business if you take your kid to 10 plays dates a week and pay for the best preschool in the nation or if you let your kid roll around the backyard and splash in puddles. Frankly, I’ll take the puddle splashing myself though 😉

    In another note, I know the Supermommy blogger. I had never seen her blog before but seeing her picture and reading her ‘about me’ makes me realize that I do know her. We are part of the same internet forum. Such a small internets.

    • Wait, let me edit my previous response. I know that blogger in person. When I started racking my brain trying to remember where exactly I knew this person from, I realized she is a member of my babywearing group. A group that has a healthy web forum and yahoo group but also gets together for meet-ups many times a month. Heh. Small world indeed.

      • Haha, nice! She totally looks interesting and intelligent; it’s just the term supermommy that makes me kneejerk. Which is, of course, totally not her fault; I own up to the fact that I’ve seen it used in a connotation I determine to be negative too many times, and therefore, it makes me cringe. Hope she does well reclaiming it. 😀

        • Yeah I’m with you, I don’t particularly like that term either. I can’t say that I “know” her to give a proper opinion of her personally but I do know that the group we both belong to is full of a bunch of urban hippies. We (for the most part) are babywearing, cloth diapering, healthy food eating/vegan in many cases, breastfeeding until the kid is 5, liberal hippies. Obviously, not all of that applies to all of us, like me, but I do find that I get along with most of the women I’ve gotten to know in the group since we seem to see eye to eye most of the time. And, even better, when we don’t see eye to eye we are able to be respectful of one another still.

          • I figured – I do follow your antics as posted enough to gather those that you’ve found some joy in socializing with. *grins*

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