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  1. Umm, I’m probably atypical in that I’ve never stopped – but I think that it generally happens because people get to a point at which they’ve satisfied themselves that they’ve got as much as they need. Quite why this happens I don’t know – but often these are the same people that would rather bitch than effect a change, so maybe it comes down to what you’re prepared to put energy into. I suspect I’ll still be wanting to delve into things when I’m 90.

    I’m not sure about the precipitous ground thing – it’s a truism that the more you know, the more keenly you’re aware of your ignorance, but what you do with that is, I suspect, down to personality. I don’t have ‘truths’ in my life but I do have a framework which works for me as somewhere I can contentedly dwell. And it’s a great comfort to me that I have so many resources with which to question and expand my curiosity – I’ve always had books, but the internet is a world of possibilities, providing that you’re search smart.

    The other thing that I’d note is that I don’t spend overmuch time with gossip, soap operas and reality tv, which seem to consume so many. I do spend time with documentaries, mind-stimulating quizzes, debate and news. Maybe there is another clue – that some people prefer superficiality to more meaty philosophical challenges. Ultimately I don’t know, but it’s ok that we have a diversity of different types and the fact that some people lose their curiosity does not mean that it is an ultimate fate for all of us.

    • Regarding precipitous ground: I was referring to my own personal instability, of which I generally have nothing but. I hide it well, mind, but it’s there in spades. 🙂

      And I think you have some valid points as to why people ‘give up’, though I definitely didn’t think it was a cursed fate for all. *laughs* Like you, I intend to delve and investigate and savor the world around me for as long as I may. I would say that’s a characteristic of anyone I would actually call friend, such as yourself – while I admit there is some titillation in gossip, I’d much rather share something meaningful and expansive…. even if I get frustrated a lot. *grins*

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