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  1. There was no soundtrack to my childhood. We were most often outside, often sailing or on ponies, or climbing trees and at the time, my parents rarely put music on (my first purchase when I started full-time work aged 18 was a compact stereo of my own). There was music in my teens, but I don’t really associate my teens with childhood and there’s nothing that speaks to me of summer until young adulthood, at which point Long Hot Summer – The Style Council probably takes me back (that was 1983, when I was 15).

    • We had a good mix of in and out, but music was often a part of the household noise. ‘Church music’ was Aqualung (the song, that is) blared loud enough to wake the entire neighborhood up… on a Sunday morning, of course, and gosh… could go on. I might have to check out your song, too, since in my mental slot for ‘Doris’ and ‘summer’ is that chirpy Super Preachers song that keeps getting used in commercials…

      • Church music wasn’t part of my childhood either – quite apart from anything else, the church was a mile outside the village, up on a hill. And only organ music and traditional hymn singing, which is standard for Anglican churches. The more modern style of worship is uncommon on Britain outside of the largest cities.

        • ‘Church’ – ha ha. I don’t any church would play Jethro Tull as part of mass. And I am Episcopalian; I have some idea of what an Anglican service is like! 😉

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