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  1. Yes. As someone who has had issues with self esteem and, by extension, my weight for all my life, yes. I strive for a point of acceptance. Pray that one day I will be truly happy with my size and not just vaguely content (or outright disgusted even). Far too many places, people, things try to make me feel like I should be a size 4 and I should have been, at most, a size 6 postpartum. Coincidentally, I am trying to lose weight for my wedding but that’s just because I want to lose my baby weight still and the wedding is a good date to aim for being 10 months after I gave birth. But, it is definitely not going to happen as I still have 30lbs to go and 2 months so… whatever, not going to stress about it. My only hope for Catherine is that she gets pregnant soon and puts on a healthy amount of weight then, and stays healthy sized afterwards.

    • There are definitely unrealistic expectations of how quickly a woman should be able to bounce back to ‘normal’, and obsession with media and celebrity as a point of pop ‘culture’ surely doesn’t help with that. Having said that, I definitely am working on being more mindful of natural shapes, and celebrating them; I do catch myself having snide thoughts, and that’s just not to be tolerated! *chuckles*

      I think clothing is a problem too. One thing that Heather and I have discussed is how great we feel we look naked… but don’t feel the same for clothing. It throws all sorts of unkind lines, and it’s not like the of us can afford good tailoring… *chuckles*

      • Yes clothing is definitely a problem. It seems like everything just accentuates my extra flab around the midsection and unless I want to wear something that feels like a corset and makes it impossible to breathe, there doesn’t seem to be much to do about that. Unless I want to pay exorbitant amounts of money and, like you said, not exactly something worthwhile to splurge on. A blog I follow, http://danceswithfat.wordpress.com/, is all about being healthy at whatever size you are. I don’t agree with everything she writes but I do agree with a good majority of it. I admire her confidence. She is a heavier person but is perfectly happy with that. I strive to be more like her in mindset.

        • I shall have to check that out, thanks! And yes, it is absolutely amazing what one can do when they love themselves, and keep loving themselves in spite of people trying to tear them down for it. 🙂

  2. Umm, I’ve had a thought, prompted by having a seamstress grandmother. Good tailoring doesn’t have to be bought off the rack, you can learn it for yourself and dress brilliantly for the initial investment of a sewing machine and then just the materials and threads. A very swift google brought up

    a crafting meeting too, possibly might interest you?

    Shamefully, I can actually tailor (courtesy of Grandma) and never actually bother.

    • I am ridiculously unable to operate a sewing machine without almost dying. Neil has a foot-peddled one that is less likely to kill me, but…

      As for hand-stitching? I can’t sew a straight line. So unless I want to cough up money or sew my hands together (or bully my husband into more tasks), I’m stuck with off the peg. 😉 If I COULD sew though, I would totally be all about it.

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