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  1. I’m currently being woken by my alarm at 6am so that I can talk to home, which is 9 hours behind, so it’s 9pm there. Rick is not there, despite me asking if he was going out prior to going to sleep. I’m an early morning person, but it’s pre-dawn here. Colour me thoroughly unimpressed on a Sunday morning!

  2. I’ve been reprimanded and corrected by various sorts because I have my child on a 1am-1pm sleep schedule, or thereabouts. They love to tell me how I’m going to regret that and how I need to change it to an 8pm-8am schedule for my own well being. Umm… no. Getting up at 8am every morning (or earlier like I had to do for work) is in no way good for my well being. I hated doing it when I was getting paid to do so. I am not going to do it when I’m not getting paid 🙂 Sure, when he starts school, I will have to adjust it, but that is many years from now. Definitely not something I should be concerned about just yet.

    • That’s what I have in mind, too – we’ll adjust more southbound as needed for school, but we’re fine and dandy for the moment. Nor do I let myself have a meltdown that she’s ‘wrong’ ’cause she didn’t sleep for 12 hours at night, and never has. She’s always been fine with 9-10 hours of sleep (currently 10pm-9~am), and we’ve made it up by letting the nap go a bit longer. She’s rested, she’s happy, and so I won’t waste my time fretting ’cause it’s not ‘right’. *grins*

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