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  1. Somtimes, sadly, the addiction replaces your loved one and you have to withdraw for your own sanity. I’ve loved and lost through this route, I tried supporting and loving for many years, but eventually had to leave. I even cherished hopes that leaving would make my loved addict realise that his problem was that the booze was more important to him than me, but sadly, I think it came as a relief that I was no longer in the way.

    • Makes sense to me, heh. We have… a lot of addiction problems in my family, and I still count my blessings daily that we only have AIDS and jailtime to show for it, rather than death. At least, in the immediate family – I’m pretty sure Mom has had a couple of cousins die in various addiction-related ways, to include the oh-so-charming drowning in vomit route. And, of course, VERY happy that my sisters seem to be mainly spared from the worst of it all!

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