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  1. I get where you are coming from, you know I do. Graduation ceremonies for kids who just started school, a bit much yes. But the whole reward cheering thing is a good thing. You know I had hell training my eldest. My second was far easier, but everything with her is far easier. But having said that, praising a child for doing good is a great thing. I’m not talking a big dance party because they went potty, but a big hug, a sticker or whatever. And I’m talking in general and the reason I say that is because kids want to make Mommy and Daddy proud. I see it with Sam all the time. She will get upset if I don’t tell her she did a good job. She’s excited about going to school, cause I make a big deal about it at the end of the day. She’s getting all O’s (outstanding) and it is a big deal. Not a party big deal but it’s good to encourage them with praise but going overboard I do agree is senseless.

    • Yay, I am so glad you posted. I hoped you would, knowing that we have differing and firm opinions on the matter. Obviously, there is some degree of overlap – I believe praise is a good thing… when used appropriately. My main issue is, as we’ve discussed, it being overheaped, or used at the wrong point. But then, differing upbringings make for differing opinions, etc. <3

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