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  1. We do have a home cloud and server and that’s been useful whilst I have been out of the country – but I use the general cloud for documents that I actively want to share with others, like a public calendar, like my photograph albums, like collaborative projects with global parners, because I don’t want to have to insist that everyone logs to our home server for such things and actually, from a security point of view would prefer less access to our home server – the less people that access that, the less chance of malicious activity.

    • Excellent point! The husband and I do make use of Google Docs for things that we want to share with others that we deem low security. 🙂 And you two were actually point of discussion at home yesterday for this very reason – N remembered you had a home server. It’s more that I’m wary of being sold access to my music, books, pictures, programs, etc – that strikes me as shady.

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