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  1. I think that it might be the articulation and phrasing of it that is the problem, but I think the vocalisation of beating the bullies is one of giving one’s self a feeling of empowerment, something which is seriously damaged by at least juvenile bullying. Acknowledging that one has the self-worth, the ability, the resilience to get through adversity, might not be to everyone’s taste, but I don’t necessarily think that it’s got to be about doing down someone else either. It might just be a case of needing to vocalise in order to convince oneself. Being kind to oneself, being able to recognise good qualities in oneself, being able to acknowledge oneself – they’re valuable tools for some people in their quest to cope with life. It might not be a way you choose for yourself, but neither would I discourage others from using their own methods of coping, even if I might mildly encourage them to think about whether they’re attempting to put others down in order to feel good, rather than seeking to acknowledge their own good qualities in order to feel good. I don’t agree with the former, but the latter can have merits for the right person.

    • Valid points – thanks! Yes, we all do have our own methods of coping and building ourselves up, but I will never be able to understand doing it at the expense of others. Or, at least, feeling the need to do the kicking when on top – that’s how I perceive that particular stance. Looking yourself in the mirror and saying nice things – that doesn’t hurt anyone. Standing on a platform sneering down… bad mojo. I know the urge, truly, but it just… *shakes head*

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