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  1. I don’t much like Yorkshire pudding – but if it’s slimy, then it’s been cooked incorrectly, it should be crisp throughout…

    • Every time I’ve had one, the bottom has quickly absorbed moisture from other things… not enjoyable. Als, I think it’s something about the way the pastry is layered that contributes to this being weird!

      • It’s not a pastry and it shouldn’t be layered either – it’s actually a batter (flour, eggs, milk, salt – no fat, hence not a pastry) that should be baked in a hot oil to form a cup shape as it rises. As I said, I don’t much like them, but I don’t like any batter. I do think that wherever you’ve had them, they’ve either been reheated rather than freshly cooked, or they haven’t been cooked in preheated tins with the oil. A bit like you should never have soggy fries, but soggy fries do sadly exist.

        • Could be most true, most true. And it also doesn’t help that the place in a meal that it’s fulfilling was once filled by lovely rolls and buttermilk biscuits, which are superior in every way. *grins*

          • heh, I’m not a fan of US biscuits either, so I’m equal opps in terms of not likely such things with my gravy! Give me potatoes or meat with my gravy… (And lets celebrate having different tastes!)

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