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  1. I think that I may come across as not nice on numerous occasions, although I don’t deliberately try to be negative to people, but neither will I hide behind white lies. I have only ever offered feedback to people in an effort to provide them with an alternative perspective that they can examine as they wish. I may be too blunt in this and I’m striving to not offer unless asked…

  2. I think sometimes, friendships are fickle. I know at least one person who forms new “best” friendships quickly, over a number of months or even less, and then acts hurt/surprised when the other person in the friendship lets it fade away, demonstrates that they’re nowhere near as dedicated to the supposed best friendship as a best friend ought to be. And at the same time, this person takes for granted the people who have been in her life for years, people who have proven themselves to be a true best friend.

  3. That’s apparently symptomatic of a personality disorder, Trish.. I can think of a few people we know to whom that might apply to, and really? I just wish they’d get some help for their own sake. It really and truly breaks my heart to see how some people treat relationships. ::(

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