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  1. I am just like this. Doubly so when my job requires me to make small talk and be cheerful, helpful and sociable with a slew of strangers for a bunch of hours every day.

    I wouldn’t be sad about this if it weren’t for the fact that it means the people who’s company I value (like yours!) are rarely available in the way I need them to be in order to socialize, and the people who I value much less seem to get a much larger chunk of my attention.

    • I always found it problematic when jobs insisted that I mask how I was feeling for their sake. It’s… I’ve never been able to do it; it makes me feel incredibly trapped. So in a perverse way, I do admire those who can manage it, even in passing.

      And if you do ever have a moment that you are able to say hi, feel free to drop a line. I’m on AIM more often than it looks, and I’m usually pretty quick at responding to messages on Facebook as well. πŸ™‚

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