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  1. There’s also the problem of language; when I tell someone they’re beautiful, it doesn’t necessarily mean outward appearance, because beauty IS more than skin deep, it’s all about personality and character too. Ugly is as ugly does to me – you haven’t got to conform to fashion notions of body or face morph for me to appreciate such, but if you’re mean? That’s particularly unattractive, regardless of your outward trappings. BUT, I do realise that it’s ambiguous and that nuance might not be heard by the recipient.
    Hopefully though, you realise that my regular reading and feedback mean that I value you really highly, even if I don’t always specifically allude to it!

  2. I do, I do! πŸ™‚ And I feel similar about beauty – the inner is always more important than the outer. People who are especially nasty tend to come off incredibly ugly to me; I have a few prime examples who trade on their external beauty, and it bemuses me to think that one day they will have nothing. Okay, I want to think incredibly mean and hateful thoughts, but that’s bad karma. *chuckles*

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