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The Things I Get Up To (Cross-Posted from my Private Blog) — 2 Comments

  1. I am considering in this period to start a blog just about the bipolar stuff in my life, since I am trying out how to survive without meds, and think it is very important to keep track of these all-over-the-place emotions somewhere, and my LJ, where we have become friends recently, just is about so much stuff, the mental things kind of tend to get lost in there. Haven´t decided yet where and how to organize that. Anyway, just to say, I´ll be definitely in that network of yours once I get around to start!

    • You know, I hadn’t even thought about that aspect of splitting the workload… though it makes sense. I’ve had my LJ since October 2001; I’ve only had my bipolar diagnosis since earlier this year (and sort of the year before, but that’s a loooong story). I will be happy to add you on when you are to that stage of things. 🙂

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