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  1. Hi there, drifted in from LJ (turnerwolf). I like the idea of the Bipolar Blogger Network too, and would join but not sure. My blog isn’t just about my condition, in fact, I’ve only started to be more open about it and will be including stuff regarding it on my blog.

    • Hiya! πŸ™‚

      I think it’s fair to say that there is probably room for people who aren’t blogging solely about their bipolar. After all, we might all have it, but that doesn’t mean that’s all that we are. So I would definitely say that it would be a matter of best personal judgment and preference. I only ended up separated out due to random happenstance; I’d originally created this blog as an exercise in forcing myself to blog publicly. When I found out about having Bipolar 2, it was easy to take the next step and make it a central focus for my efforts here.

      Otherwise, hi. πŸ˜€

  2. @Autumn–I know I certainly don’t blog entirely about my bipolar disorder. I blog about all sorts of stuff. I think that while it is important to show others our disorder, get that out there, it’s also important to let people know that that’s not all we are. I mean, mania and depression is just a part of me, you know?

    @Raeyn–I honestly have a hard time believing anyone who says that their bipolar disorder hasn’t affected their life significantly. I used to say that, then I had to quit school and ended up in the hospital, etc. Sure, when you’re stable, you feel that way. Sometimes it doesn’t affect me much, certainly. But other times (like now), it’s following me constantly, rubbing its grimy little hands all over everything I see and do.

    The point is that it’s always there, regardless of whether it’s affecting much at the time.

  3. Alice, I definitely wouldn’t disagree on a personal level. I stayed drunk and sleeping around for a couple of years… it wasn’t ideal. Since sobering up (but before getting treated), my brain tried to sabotage and destroy my marriage several tiems. SINCE being medicated, I had the second suicide attempt of my life (where depression fails to drag me down, all the little things will manage to pile on at the same time and get me out of the blue). I’m not a suicidal sort by any stretch – I want to liiiiiiiiive. So yes, I accept it’s there. My friend is entitled to her opinion of her situation though, and to be fair – her chronic exhaustion and insane level of anxiety tend to take the fore of her attention. *chuckles*

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