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  1. interesting! It is very pretty! I wonder if that would help me with my arthritis I have in my back? My physical therapist suggested I wear a girdle but I have not had any luck finding one. I’m on the plus side of things right now (thanks to lovely meds for years and being an emotional eater on top of that!). I am pretty sure I would have to find one that didn’t cover my girls also… because I’m kind of heavy chested.

    • It might! That one I bought for half of the listed discount price because I took advantage of the Corset of the Day sale that one of my best friends pointed out to me:


      As he also pointed out – if you don’t like today’s offerings, then check back tomorrow or the next day. Though I do think this one isn’t too bad… though I would definitely prefer something a bit more heavily boned to go with this one! ๐Ÿ™‚

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