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It Doesn’t Scan — 2 Comments

  1. The most frustrating bit is the suggestion that some fancy mental calisthenics can make the chemicals that are currently in control of your mood just melt away. There are behavioral methods to *cope* but coping =/= cure.

    I like to remind people that there are actual physical realities that can’t be overcome by singing or throwing a tantrum (how does one throw a tantrum on purpose anyway?). Usually it takes saying something abrasive like, “Singing is a great idea. Next time you have a fever or high blood sugar I think you should just sing it away.”

    • Indeed, and I keep control of my mood by trying to apply mindfulness, breathing, and a running line of discussion with my husband. I know what works atop my careful grumble-vent, and I apply it rigorously!

      And man… I WISH I could be abrasive and nasty. I mean, I could, but the end result would be me even sicker with anxiety. Stupid fix on consequences, ha ha.

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