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  1. I had the same problem. When I was on meds I was so damn tired during the day, but at night? Yeah, increased doses of Seroquel AND the sleeping pill d’jour couldn’t put me out but for MAYBE an hour. This concerned me! So tried taking my pills at different times, increases, decreases, etc… nothing helped. Finally after being on pills for 5 years, I went to the doc and got some bloodwork done. I virtually had no vitamin D in my system. Tested positive for Lupus, my thyroid was fubar’d and my liver enzymes were through the roof. Long story short, I get sleep now like a normal human being. My clock was majorly fucked up and it took me about a year to get it sussed out. Of course I still have issues here and there… little blips on the radar (beginnings of hypomania) that screws everything, but I’m not dragging ass anymore. I guess what I am saying is, it is most likely 50% meds 50% depression that causes you to be so sleepy. It sucks hardcore.

    • I think I had thyroid stuff done a couple of years ago… I can’t remember anymore, having slept since then. I just hope that I can remember that on this day, I have decreed depression and drowsiness, and see if I remember next time it comes around. 🙂

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