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Too Much of a Thing — 2 Comments

  1. Oh man do I connect with this… I have been struggling with getting ‘lost’ in games or food lately. Sometimes both! It’s exhausting to have to fight the inclination to overindulge and too often the motivation to say no is only there when I say no to moderation.

    • It’s the whole ‘I know I should do something different, but this resembles happiness’ conundrum. It’s not necessarily lazy, it’s not necessarily a lack of self-control… it’s trying to do the best to prevent a bad situation getting worse. I know it, you know it, and other folks amongst the mentally unwell know it. Alas, I’m sure it just makes us look like losers to people who are so privileged to have never faced our normal slog. **chuckles** Sod ’em, eh? And pass the ice cream. <3

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