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  1. *hugs* Hope that helped a bit. Looked like you needed one. 🙂

    ” I just no that no matter what choices I make or those around me make today, they’re all going to be wrong. No matter what, everything will be wrong because my brain has decreed it so.”

    Yup… I know that feeling. And it blows…. and not in a good way.

    • I’m definitely going to take tomorrow off. I made it through the day alright, but man… feelin’ dicey. Having said that, I had a random excuse to play a Beatles song in a game (I play Lord of the Rings Online and one of my kinnies wanted to test out his version of ‘Birthday’ in game), so that was a random mood perk. So gonna keep stacking up the tiny good things to try and keep me afloat! *hugs back*

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