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  1. Hey Raeyn,

    Insomnia is one of our worst enemies. I was 50 before I learned that. Seroquel is my go drug for quieting my thoughts so I can sleep also. Hang in there. All of life’s little curves challenge our ability to keep the shiny side up. I can’t identify with the monthly problem. Another one of life’s blessings I’ve forgotten to thank God for.

    How long are you out of country, and where are you if you don’t mind me asking. I’m just wondering what you do to manage your meds if your living abroad somewhere.

    • When we go out of town, it thankfully will be for a very short time. We’ll be making sure my meds are appropriately covered in advance, but shouldn’t be a problem. I would ask about upping my dose, but as we are trying to get kid #2 baking, I’ve opted for under-medicated so I’ll have less to come off of once the sprog sticks. Of course, it’s taking logner than expected, but that’s just how irony rolls. 🙂

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