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  1. Poki and I were having an interesting conversation last night about motivation, to do with money and how bankers saw money itself as a goal, but that so many more of the population only see money as a facilitator – a way to achieve things. I had a think about what motivates me, in this context and I can’t say that I have particular goals that I focus on, but that what keeps me going forward is a drive for more data! Lifelong learning is what fascinates me, understanding more about other cultures, about different viewpoints, about different physical, chemical and biological aspects of our world. I have no overriding goal, but I have a sense of wonder that needs to be fed with more information to be processed. Maybe this translates to my life being lived with interest? I dunno – just thought that the perspective might be a positive one?

  2. Mmm, I saw you comment elsewhere today about your lifelong drive for data, and it made me smile. Certainly, learning more is a noble and worthwhile thing to do, and something that I try to keep on board myself. The world is a delightful place with so much to nibble upon, after all. 🙂 It’s not enough to sate me, though I’m not sure I will ever find ‘the thing’ in that regard. Not giving up, mind, just bemused that the path has not made itself clear to me as of yet.

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