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  1. Very very true there. I love the way you described it. Though I don’t think anyone has never had it will ever *truly* understand what it is like, I always do the same. Try to explain it the best I can in a way they can understand. That was about one of the best way I’ve seen it explained, too.

    • Thanks James, that means a lot. 🙂 One of my favourite things since getting diagnosed and treated is that I am -finally- cogent in my explanations. Before, it was a lot of shouty word fragments… which doesn’t work so well for making any viable points.

  2. Described very well. I have depression and anxiety and depression. How do you live with something that is is never going to heal? I think people just expect you to snap out of it. Glad you are doing ok. Sometimes I just want to stay in bed.

    • I suspect that if I had slightly less vertigo issues, I’d probably want to spend more time in bed too. I do the upright equivalent by hiding in my corner with my computers and not engaging with my family. At least the here-family get that I’m trying to preserve myself, where as my birth family (and friends from my home town, with one or two exceptions) have that exact expectations of snapping out of it. Or trying to change the subject. Okay sure, I get that dealing with bipolar isn’t a walk in the part, but eeeesh. I suspect you would agree that the expectation that we should snap out of it is high on the brutal disrespect list, since it seems to fill in where we’d hope for support and hugs and attempts at understanding.

  3. I feel you. I suffer different symptoms but I can totally relate to my brain trying to kill me. Every day it’s a struggle not to fashion a shank from an old toothbrush and stab myself in the ear with it repeatedly. Stupid fucking brain.

    • I adore your description of such a violent and poignant act; it makes me chuckle ruefully. But, I think, that humor definitely helps in trying to shut up the brain crap where possible.

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