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  1. Hands over brightly colored sand pail and shovel. You know for helping to scoop yourself back into one place. Your doing good so far, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

    • I thank you for that. 🙂 I do my best to remember my mantra of old — it could always be worse. A bit gloomy, but it helps.

  2. I don’t think this is a good week for me to give anyone advice about handling anxiety. Once I saw the news about the bombs in Boston I wound up eating nearly everything in the house that wasn’t strapped down. I always knew I’m an emotional eater, but yesterday I felt like I had absolutely no control.

    Great Blog. Thank you for stopping by mine.

    • And likewise, thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      The Boston thing… I admit I’m keeping my head down and trying to not talk about it or think about it too much past confirming my friends and their friends were okay. But right now things are still so unsettled and there’s a lot of free-flowing strong emotions and yeah… no. When my heart rate is already feeling like a jackhammer, I’ll keep doing my best to keep my head down until I’m feeling a bit more balanced.

  3. Mixed episodes? Oy. Mixed blessings … My cycles were like clockwork my whole life. Now with very close psychiatric care and medication management the edges have been smoothed “somewhat” … no more 2 month manic phases followed by a week of normal followed by a month of killer depression … then repeat. Now I’m all over the friggin map … and my therapists etc say they see improvement … er, I guess. I’m just not used to the change. I’m probably much safer now (no, I definitely am) … I just don’t like being manic 3 days, depressed 5, normal 2, etc., no rhyme or reason. It’s driving me nuts. How do I cope? Blind faith, extreme anxiety and social phobia … and reading these blogs 😉

    • I guess by virtue of having been a rapid cycler, I was probably always having mixed episodes. But this is the first one of note (in my opinion) since getting medicated and diagnosed. So it’s sort of weird in that regard, especially since it’s happened at a time I’ve increased my dose. I’d definitely rather be one or the other, and thought that the meds had brought that smoothing around. Sigh sigh? Sigh. I’ll just have to remember to advocate for myself to try and get some help for the anxiety end of this mixed crap next time I’m in for an appointment.

  4. It’s a challenge ay by day. Have you talked to your doctor about your meds? Mine recently started failing also. That’s why I was put on Xanax an rest this week. Hope you feel better. I’m trying.

    • I’d have to go to the A&E to get my psychiatric medications adjusted between appointments; my GP can’t do anything about them, other than put them on my prescription roster. I’d rather avoid A&E if can!

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